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Amazing Bicycle Parking!

Taking a break from the law for a moment, I’d like to switch over to some examples of what I mean by cycling ‘infrastructure’.  Bicycle parking is always a concern, especially in cities where there are lots of bikes. Most often cities will use some kind of rack or post system to provide for parking. And, there are endless variations of bike parking.

In Toronto, the typical form you see on sidewalks and outside shops is the post and ring style.


In Copenhagen, the typical street level parking is a rack with rings.  This allows lots of parking spaces in a small area.  The important difference between the two is that in Toronto, bikes are locked to the post, while in Copenhagen bikes are locked to themselves using a specialized or regular lock to prevent the back wheel from turning. So the bike rack design in Copenhagen allows you to put your front tire in between the rings.

(credit: me)

(credit: lindsey levy)

In addition to this type of rack parking, at busy places such as Nørreport station, which is Copenhagen’s busiest metro station, they use double level parking racks.

(credit: lindsey levy)

But wait… There’s more!

I recently saw an old post on about an amazing new underground bike parking facility designed in Japan. Check out these two videos below.


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