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Welcome to Cycle Toronto!

“When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, what will I be…?”

While the future may not be ours to see, as Que Sera Sera would have us believe, it is ours to make.

Cycle Toronto, and its incarnation in blog form, is about shaping the future of cycling in Toronto. Maybe you feel it too, that Toronto is struggling to find its place as a great biking city, and is having a bit of trouble getting there. Cycle Toronto will help nudge it in the right direction.

This blog will be many things: a space for my comments and ramblings about all things cycling, a place to gather and compile information about cycling infrastructure, a way to communicate and interact with a broader cycling community, and maybe even a dorky part of my upcoming Land Use Planning class presentation.

Read, enjoy, comment, disagree.



Bike lanes, cycling infrastructure, and land use planning law