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Toronto Mayoral Candidates and Where they Stand on Bike Lanes

I was looking around the Toronto Star website this morning for my dose of daily news and caught this article about the top five mayoral candidates.  It introduces them, gives their background, and says a little about their position on different issues. Seems like bike lanes have become a real issue for this race, which is nice to see. Joe Pantalone appears to be the most supportive candidate of bike lanes in the City. But it’s a short article with few details. Below are a few screen shots from the article. (the writing is small; click on the pictures for a larger view)

Who they are:

And what they have to say about bike lanes:


Toronto Mayoral Race, Part I

Since Miller’s announcement that he won’t be seeking a third term as Toronto’s mayor, the race has begun for his successor.  According to the Toronto Star, there are 21 candidates currently in the running.

Earlier this month, Spacing Toronto posted a neat visual of the political spectrum of some of the main candidates. Using the Hans Slomp projection, which measures political leaning on a right-left/authoritarian-libertarian basis, you can get a sense of where the Toronto mayor hopefuls fall.

What does all this have to do with bikes? Not all of the candidates are as keen on growing Toronto’s transit system and cycling infrastructure as you and I would hope.  Rocco Rossi appears to be downright hostile to Transit City construction and bike lanes, as reported by another Spacing Toronto post. Guess we know who not to vote for.

Maybe Adam Giambrone will be able to inspire us?

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