Separated Lanes on University Avenue?

Some recent reports indicate that University Avenue may be poised to become the first street in Toronto with physically separated bike lanes.  A week ago the National Post ran an article on this.  It’s nice to see bike lanes getting some press, but I wish the media would stop framing the issue as a car-bike war.  It’s a false dichotomy and people are smart enough to be able to engage with an issue without it being an either-or war like situation.  But, I digress.

The article calls the proposed separated lanes “New York style” and further explains:

He said the “New York style” involves using paint and plastic flexible bollards to separate the bike lanes from traffic and parking, while keeping the parking there. “The street can pretty much function the way it is now, but you’ve got a much safer, more comfortable space for cyclists to occupy,” said Mr. Egan.

Mr. Daniel Egan is manager of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure for the City. You can check out his cyclist profile on I Bike T.O.

Separated bike lanes are certainly a step in the right direction, although I would advocate for Danish style lanes – as I have in previous posts – rather than New York style lanes.


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